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Авто объявления Lotus

Марка: Lotus
Модель: не указана
Цвет: Серебряный металлик
Год: 1975
Тип кузова: Кабриолет
Цена: 100
Тип двигателя: Гибридный дизельный
Привод: Полный
Объем двигателя:
КПП: Автомат
Руль: Правый
Состояние: Среднее
Торг: исключен
Дополнительная информация: should you tell the CEO honestly If a company culture sucks, should you tell the CEO honestly? As a new employee at a company, after a few weeks of talking to lots and lots of people, I realized that the culture is toxic. Top down management like a straight jacket lack of enthusiasm, complete disregard for employee motivation, almost no investment in marketing (deemed a waste of time), an arrogant and aloof CEO, a draconian HR department that acts like a military police. Should I, as a new employee, set up a meeting with the CEO and tell him (in the hope he might try to improve it), or should I just quit and look for something better? Feedback to the CEO is only useful if the feedback will be heard. If the environment as a whole is really toxic, it might be too late. If the problem is contained to a small group of people, you may find that the problem is known, but perhaps the scope or impact is being discounted. If that the case, then you might have a chance to be part of the improvement. But you need to determine this first. Here how I learned this. One of my first jobs after college (this goes back about 25 years now!), was a technical job at Xerox. My boss, let call him Jay, was a total jerk. One day Jay decided to post a pornographic image on my computer screen. (Note: we were on a Unix network and this was prior to default security settings, so it was not hard to reach across the network and run things on someone else computer without their permission). I got into work and saw the picture on my screen and was upset since I realized that it looked like it was my picture. A non technical person walking by would assume that I put it on my computer. I ran the command to see the process owner and saw that Jay did this. I stormed into Jay office upset that he set me up to look unprofessional. He just laughed at me. I wanted to get him in trouble. I checked the network shared drive space to see just how much porn he had on our server. He had about 20MB which at that time was a lot! The team network disk only had 100MB for all our code! I was about to go to Scott, Jay boss, to ask if I could order more disk drives or if he could ask Jay to free up some space for my work, since apparently Jay is using a lot of space for his stash of porn. I figured this would do it. I figured Scott would blow up at Jay (I knew that Jay was always over budget and Scott was upset about that anyways). And if Scott said no, I tell him that I email the department head to ask what our porn quota was. I thought to myself, Jay is a jerk, he is totally arrogant and never follows the rules, but Scott is straitlaced and would do the right thing he get Jay in trouble. I should rat [url=http://www.2016classicbootsclearance.top]ugg boots clearance[/url] Jay out for stashing porn on company resources. And then, let just say an angel descended and tapped me on the shoulder and told me not to walk into Scott office just yet. I thought about it for a moment. Then I checked the network disks again and discovered that Scott had almost 40 MB of porn on the server. ugg. I figured that ratting Jay out would backfire on me, since Scott was just as much a perv. The lesson: you have to first ascertain if your feedback will help or hurt. If you are in a toxic environment, it might be that way because the people who are in the position to fix things are themselves part of the problem. If so, you pack up and find something else. A truly toxic workplace is like any infected organism. It has built up resistance and defense mechanisms that automatically fight off all attempted cures. In the workplace, we brand employees who have the poor judgment to speak up as "troublemakers" who are "not team players." Often when you hear a criticism that someone "doesn fit into the company culture" it simply means they recognized the company as toxic and refused to join in. Any employee who doesn succumb to the toxicity will be innoculated at performance review time. If this doesn work, they will simply pass through the digestive tract of the organization. But don quit now. Find another job, and then quit. If the CEO is arrogant and aloof, why would he take the advice of a new hire and even if he did, how exactly would he change the entire culture of his company? And even if he could (and it were possible), are you really going to stick around for that process to complete? Sounds like this isn a place you want to work so I suggest moving on. There are exit interviews with HR where you can provide some feedback to the company or write the CEO a note after you leave chances are nothing will change anyway. The mess didn happen overnight. It won get solved overnight. Unless you were hired explicitly to fix the company, or you have decided that is what you want to do instead of what you were hired to do, get the eff out if it is as bad as you describe. But: Here a question: how much worse is it than your last company? About the same? How about compared to the company before that one? If you see a pattern with the companies you join, take a deep breath and examine both how you select these places and/or your expectations about the workplace. For the sake of argument, let assume this place is uniquely bad and that these are not new job jitters on your part, nor unrealistic expectations. If you do speak with the CEO, consider it a courtesy heads up after you have given notice. Be specific in your feedback. Nothing in your question is specific. Don interpret or summarize. Detail actual events and precise statements. And only do it if you are in an executive position or in a very flatly structured, informal company. Otherwise you are likely to be written off as a crank or troll. Other people recommend getting a lawyer. I not sure why. Are you thinking of bringing suit? Are you trying to get out [url=http://www.womenuggbootsclearance.top]ugg boots black friday[/url] [url=http://www.2016classicbootsclearance.top]ugg boots clearance outlet[/url] of an employment contract that doesn have a good exit clause? But as alluded to above, even if the CEO agrees and asks you to stay, and even if she has the interest and power to fix the company, it will take a looooong time to change a situation like you describe into something more positive. Do you really want to go through that process? I guess, no. And remember, a long slow road to things getting better is the best case scenario. Even if she agrees to take action, there is a lot of momentum and a lot of entrenched leadership that is benefiting from, and perpetuating the situation. How likely is a CEO to take the advice of a new hire and completely revamp her company and leadership? Would [url=http://www.womenuggbootsclearance.top]ugg boots black friday[/url] even that drastic step change the culture? How quickly? What to say the same choices that got the company into its current state wouldn lead it down the same path again? The most likely scenario is that this company reflects the CEO leadership and management style whether deliberately created or simply the result of a lack of interest or power on her part and even if you hear lip service about things changing, it not likely to change. And what more: If the CEO knows about the situation, and it persists, that tells you a lot. Or, if the CEO doesn know about the situation, what does that say? It unlikely you speaking with her will make a big, immediate difference either it news she knows or news she isn ready or able to hear and act on. It really boils down to you: [url=http://www.2016classicbootsclearance.top]ugg boots clearance[/url] What can you do? What do you want? To what extent is this your view or unmet expectations? Why did you join in the first place and how we they able to "dupe" you (which is apparently what happened)? And what is your benchmark for functional vs dysfunctional? To some extent, all large organizations present some or all of the issues you list. It can be a matter of degree. This is why the first step I recommended is a frank self assessment, a comparison with other companies you have worked at, and an honest look at whether this is just the first reality check one gets in any new company, when the honeymoon is over. Finally, what will you say about the experience in the future? You need to think about framing this in a way the future prospective employers don get the impression that at the first sign of a challenge, your instinct is to run into the CEO office (with whom you don have a relationship), dump on the leadership of the company, and pack up your toys and go home. Oh and one note about perceptions: Before you quit, make sure you have an accepted offer in hand for something that is clearly a step up. Otherwise, the CEO and [url=http://www.womenuggbootsclearance.top]ugg boots on sale 70% off[/url] dysfunctional teams and leaders you leave behind will write off your feedback, and your leaving, as sour grapes from someone who wasn up to the challenge of the job you signed on for. [url=http://www.womenuggbootsclearance.top]ugg boots on sale 70% off[/url] [url=http://www.2016classicbootsclearance.top]ugg boots clearance sale[/url] http://www.2016classicbootsclearance.top http://www.womenuggbootsclearance.top

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